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40+ Keyboard Shortcuts to Become a Canva Boss

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Did you know that Canva has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to become 10x more efficient using the platform? Yup! In this post, I will give you over 40 of them so you can start saving time and reduce frustration using Canva TODAY! Get ready for it, babe! These are GOLD, baby, GOLD!

Why should you use Canva keyboard shortcuts?

The real question is WHY NOT? Memorizing just a few of these bad boys can literally save you hours upon hours of time while batch creating content for your business. Winning!

And because we've loved using these shortcuts to save ourselves time, we wanted to impart these time-saving shortcuts with you... our creative, efficient boss babe! So, let's get to it.

Pro Tip:

Did you know switching back and forth between your keyboard and mouse can actually improve your health, too? Alternating between the two can help reduce finger and wrist fatigue. And if you are anything like me... you spend a lot of time on the computer. So, let me get a resounding YES PLEASE on this one!

40+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Arrow Keys: move objects and text 1 pixel in direction of arrow

  2. Shift + Arrow Key: move objects and text 10 pixels in direction of arrow

  3. 'T' Key: add a text box to design

  4. 'L' Key: add a line to design

  5. 'R' Key: add a rectangle element to design

  6. 'C' Key: add a circle element to design

  7. Esc Key: deselect object

  8. Command/Control + 'A' Key: select all elements in design

  9. Command/Control + 'C' Key: copy an object

  10. Command/Control + 'V' Key: paste an object

  11. Command/Control + Shift + 'L' Key: left align text

  12. Command/Control + Shift + 'C' Key: center align text

  13. Command/Control + Shift + 'R' Key: right align text

  14. Command/Control + Option/Alt + 'C' Key: copy style to a text box

  15. Command/Control + Option/Alt + 'V' Key: paste style to another text box

  16. Command/Control + Shift + 'K' Key: transform text to uppercase

  17. Command/Control + 'B' Key: bold text

  18. Command/Control + 'I' Key: italicize text

  19. Command/Control + 'U' Key: underline text

  20. Command/Control + 'S' Key: save design

  21. Command/Control + 'Z' Key: undo action

  22. Command/Control + Shift + 'Z' Key: redo action

  23. Select element, then Command/Control + ']' Key: bring element forward

  24. Command/Control + Option/alt + ']' Key: bring element to very front

  25. Select element, then Command/Control + '[' Key: send element backward

  26. Command/Control + Option/alt + '[' Key: send element to very back

  27. Select element, then Command/Control + 'D' Key: duplicate element

  28. Select elements, then Command/Control + 'G' Key: group elements

  29. Shift + Command/Control + 'G' Key: ungroup elements

  30. Command/Control + '+' Key: zoom in

  31. Command/Control + '-' Key: zoom out

  32. Command/Control + '0' Key: zoom to actual size

  33. Option/Alt + Command/Control + '0' Key: zoom to fit

  34. Shift + Command/Control + '0' Key: zoom to fill

  35. Option/alt + Shift + 'L' Key: lock or unlock element

  36. Spacebar: play or pause a video

  37. TAB Key: previous/next

  38. Option/alt + click & drag: quick copy elements

  39. Shift + click: select multiple elements

  40. Shift + click & drag: add object to current selection

  41. Shift + move handles: resize or crop an image

  42. Delete key: delete an element

  43. Command/Control + Return Key: add new page

  44. Command/Control + Delete Key: delete page

  45. Command/Control + '/' key: collapse sidebar

And there you go! Pretty flipping great, don't you think?

I hope these little hacks help save you so much time using Canva, babe. We know they have for us! Commit to memorizing 3 this week, and make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back to keep learning more!

Drop a comment if you'd love to see a Part 2 on Keyboard shortcuts (believe it or not, there are so many more)!

Stay efficient, babe!



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